Holy Week and Easter Events


Our church would love to have you join us for any or all of our Holy Week and Easter events.  Here is a list of the opportunities to join us....

Maundy Thursday--April 6th...Our worship service will begin at 6:30pm in our sanctuary

Good Friday--April 7th...short devotion time at Noon in our sanctuary

Easter Sunrise--April 9th...will begin at 7am at Green Lawn cemetery south of Checotah. Bring a lawn chair!

Sunday School--April 9th...begins at 9:30am

Children's Easter Egg Hunt--April 9th...will begin at 10:15am

Silent Dessert Auction--April our Memorial Hall with proceeds benefiting our Children's Ministry

Easter Worship Service--April 9th...begins at 10:45am (in-person or streamed) our sanctuary


Read the Bible Through in a Year


Read the Bible Thru in a Year

Here are the scripture chapters for this weeks "Read Through the Bible in a Year." On Wednesday, you finish the book of Joshua which is the conquest of the Promised Land!  Thursday, you begin your journey through the book of Judges which is where you will meet such wonderful characters as Samson, Gideon and the first female leader of Israel...Deborah.

On a different note, if you have completed reading the book of Deuteronomy, I would like to send me an email at

March 27th: Joshua Chapters 16-18

March 28th: Joshua Chapters 19-21

March 29th: Joshua Chapters 22-24

March 30th: Judges Chapters 1-2

March 31st: Judges Chapters 3-5

April 1st: Judges Chapters 6-7

April 2nd: Judges Chapters 8-9



Wednesday Evening Bible Study


Our Wednesday Evening Bible Study continues this week and we will begin watching the movie "The Most Reluctant Convert" which is the story of C.S. Lewis' life.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  We begin at 4:45pm!